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Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is paramount. 

Please shower before practice and make

certain that fingernails and toenails are cut. 

The Jiu jitsu gi/uniform is an extension of

personal hygiene.


Proper Footwear

Do not walk off the mat or into the bathrooms with bare feet.

Respect the Process

There is an old saying that reads, "Too many teachers in the class spoil the school."


Though we don't mind people offering their opinions on techniques if solicited, we ask that you don't try and teach others

Sparring Rules

​We abide by the rules set out by the IBJJF; therefore, we do not allow any heel hooks unless given permission by the instructor.  Submissions should be commensurate with belt rank as specified by the IBJJF.

Please no jumping guard unless given permission by the instructor.


Asking To Roll

Any belt may ask another to roll (spar).

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