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Message for Parents/Guardians

Congratulations on taking the first step to introducing your child to the wonderful world of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ). 


Do you have a wild or unruly child and now looking for something that could teach some manner of discipline and good behavior? 

If this is the case, then Testudo is NOT for you.  In my experience, a kid who does not listen to their parent(s)/guardian(s) will probably not listen to me.  Also, I will probably have little effect on the discipline of a kid who does not follow a discipline structure at home.  Learning how to grapple is a privilege that not all kids have the resources or ability to the very least, I ask that kids behave in a way that shows they understand the sacrifices that I and other coaches have made and also the sacrifices that you as parent(s)/guardian(s) have made (i.e. membership and transportation).


But I've heard that martial arts is a great way to instill discipline.  Is this not the case?

You should explore and find a school that fits your child.  In my experience, the more traditional martial arts will really try to sell discipline and often they make good on that.  When a child comes to Testudo, we assume the ground rules of behavior have already been formed at home.  This approach frees us up from dealing with behavior issues and doing the things we want to focus on:


- Teach kids competitive BJJ and while showing how training can positively transfer to health and self defense.

- Teach kids of the importance of sportsmanship, being a good teammate/partner, and how these things transfer to life outside of the room.

- Teach kids that confidence is something that is gained with practice and steady improvement based on one's own efforts.


These are the things that we focus and help instill at Testudo. 

After the first month, the minimum expectations are as follows:

- Kids should be able to tie their BJJ belts under 20 seconds.  

- Kids should be able to identify basic strategies and positions.  They should also know how points are scored.


Note: BJJ is a sport that requires dedication and focus.  For us, the sport of BJJ is fun in itself.  All activities will be BJJ and Judo-centered (ex. though fun, please do not expect games of freeze-tag or dodgeball).


Prior to attending the first class, kids will need to attend an introductory session where we will provide an overview of the class structure and the class rules. Please email us at to schedule an appointment. 


1. No shoes on the mat.  

2. Please make sure that your child arrives to practice on time.

3. Please bring the following items during each class: BJJ Uniform, water bottle, notebook, pen/pencil.  

4. Students are expected to treat the other members of the community with respect. See section on Dojo Etiquette.

5. Whenever possible, please inform us beforehand if your child will be missing practice. 

6. If your child has a busy schedule and can only attend no more than one class a week, Testudo is probably not the school for you. If interested, please feel free to reach back when your child is ready to commit more time to learning BJJ.

7. If your child is sick, please have them rest at home. 

8. For parents: No coaching/cheering from the side. If you need to take a phone call, please step outside the class.   

9. Visit our website for information on class schedule changes (ex. holidays, weather-related).   

BJJ Gi Recommendations & Guidelines

1. Colors: Blue, White, Black. Please do not purchase BJJ Gis in any other color.  Note that only Blue, White and Black BJJ Gis are allowed at major competitions.
2. Gi Type:  Please make sure to purchase a proper BJJ Gi (not another martial arts uniform).  
3.  BJJ Gis are available on various sites online. You can also check out the following online stores:   
   - Fighters Market
   - Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear

    - Fuji


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