Testudo BJJ·JUDO is located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA.  Having trained and competed at very high levels in both BJJ and Judo, Ervin aims to create complete practitioners who are both adept in standup and on the ground.  We cater to everyone from the beginner to the seasoned competitor looking to tweak their game.  Feel free to contact us or drop in to train.

What People Say About Us



Thank you so much for being such a generous and gracious host when I joined your classes this week. 


You are a superb technical instructor, but the true measure of your qualities is the atmosphere and camaraderie you have generated in your students. I was immediate welcomed and rolled with several of your students who were able to judge their own performance very effectively to match my level of experience. That sort of maturity, I think, reflects the culture that you have created in your classes. 


Once again, thank you so much for your hospitality. I hope I am able to visit again in the future. 

Street Parking is available. Entrance is at the back of the building.
  • One Week Free Trial 

  • Now offering Private/Corporate BJJ & Judo Instruction

  • Special discount available for K-12 teachers and families

  • To reach us, please send us an email (testudobjj@gmail.com) or stop by during our class hours.

  • Schedule changes/class cancellations are reflected on the calendar.

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2731 Mt. Vernon Avenue
Lower Level
Alexandria, VA 22301
E-mail:  testudobjj@gmail.com
2731 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Lower Level Alexandria, VA 22301     E-mail:  testudobjj@gmail.com