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Workout while having fun!

Welcome to Testudo! Our school provides a welcoming environment for both new and experienced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners. Our aim is to create complete grappling practitioners who excel both in takedowns/throws and groundwork. Join us and become a part of the growing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community!

If interested, please email us to schedule an introductory appointment.

Directions & Parking


2731 Mount Vernon Avenue (behind Waxing the City salon)
Alexandria, VA  22301
(directly behind Waxing the City salon)

Testudo Entrnce
Testudo Entrance


- One Week Free Trial

- Now offering Private/ Corporate BJJ & Judo Instruction

- Special discounts available for K-12 teachers

- Accepting new members (kids & adults). Please make an appointment before coming in. We don't allow drop-ins. 

- Email:

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Thank you so much for being such a generous and gracious host when I joined your classes this week. 


You are a superb technical instructor, but the true measure of your qualities is the atmosphere and camaraderie you have generated in your students. I was immediate welcomed and rolled with several of your students who were able to judge their own performance very effectively to match my level of experience. That sort of maturity, I think, reflects the culture that you have created in your classes. 


Once again, thank you so much for your hospitality. I hope I am able to visit again in the future. 

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